Documentation centre

The Film Library’s documentary collection is made up of non-film material such as books, photos, posters, scripts, catalogues, newspaper reviews, etc., distributed as follows:

  • 228 books on cinema are kept in the documentation centre. These documents represent a collection of information on African and world cinema. The collection also includes books on the history of African and world cinema, textbooks of theory, student memoirs, etc.
  • Film posters: This collection of more than 500 posters contains mostly posters of films selected at FESPACO. Most of the posters are African. Posters from other countries (France, US, Brazil, etc.) can also available at the centre.

Poster formats found in the documentation centre are mainly:

    • 120×160cm posters
    • 70×100cm posters
    • 40×60cm and 60×80cm posters
    • Digital posters.

The poster collection is currently being inventoried and digitized.

  • Photos: The photo library contains more than 6,000 photos in paper format and consists mainly of:
    • Film posters photos
    • Set and shooting photos
    • Portraits of actors, actresses and directors
    • Photos taken at festivals, etc.

The photo collection is currently being inventoried and digitized.

  • Catalogues, newspaper reviews, magazines, screening programmes, publications from other festivals, press kits can also be found at the documentation centre.


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